Meet Our Trainers



MichaelBaillie is currently working on her Bachelor’s degree in languages and is in her first year of option trading.

She has been with the company for three years and loves working with our trainers. When Baillie is not working you can find her in the outdoors.

She loves the Utah landscapes and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking with family and friends.





Relationship Manager

Brad is working on a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and is in his first year of trading. He has a genuine love for computers, numbers and option theory.

When Brad is not at work he is spending time on the golf course with his family.







Bryan’s far-reaching investing experience extends back 15 years. During his career he has used a variety of vehicles to further his investing goals, including stocks, options, FOREX and real estate.

For the last 9 years Bryan has been working in the education sector training individual investors about stocks and options. Being able to impart his knowledge with others is deeply gratifying for him, he loves watching those he trains succeed.




bryanChad has been involved in financial markets since 2001. He trades stocks, options, futures, and forex. He has been educating clients for over 13 years on how to invest, trade, and gain confidence in their financial decisions.

Chad believes building a strong foundation of knowledge, practice, evaluating, adjusting and mentoring with a coach along your journey is a blueprint for success in life. He uses his personal trading experiences to teach clients about the markets.

He hold a designation of Chartered Market Technician. Chad loves spending time with his wife and their 4 children. In his spare time he plays sports, travel and works on self-development.



bryanWith a B.S. in Finance, Chuck started his professional investing career as a Financial Advisor working with clients on planning and investing for their futures using asset allocation models and diversified portfolios with a buy and hold approach.

Since 2004 he has been teaching others how to actively trade both stocks and options using fundamental and technical analysis.

He loves to trade and to teach, and he really enjoys seeing his students “get it” as they work thru a complex trading concept together!



bryanCurtis has been in the financial markets for 25 years. After graduating with a degree in Finance, he became a broker and started working with one of the country’s largest brokerage firms.

While working with clients one on one, he realized the necessity of educating individuals about the markets and how they can take control of their future by taking control of their investments.

Curtis has a passion for working with people and has coached multitudes of students to success. He has experience in trading Stock, Options, Futures, and Forex markets.




Over the past 22 years, Dennis has been trading option and equities markets and has traded thru several stock market cycles; including the technology bubble (2001-2002), the financial crash (2008-2009), and the super tech rally (1998-1999). Dennis has taught thousands of students as a Financial Trainer and has been doing it for the last 10 years.

Dennis has his undergraduate degree in Financial Management from CSULB and graduate work in Education from National University of San Diego. During his career he has dedicated himself to technical analysis and relies heavily on his trend analysis in his own trade decisions.

Market trends tend to make or break traders, as for Dennis, he trades the prevailing trend, whatever that happens to be. Favorite strategy is the Calendar spread, where he will then take off the short leg of the spread when the stock breaks out. He calls it the “sling shot,” just ask him about it!

As a paragliding enthusiast, Dennis knows how to have fun, and manages risk.




Don has been in the financial industry for 15 years. Like most educated trainers, he got his start working with a brokerage firm. Don’s passion for teaching pushed him into the education and teaching.

With a degree in education and knowledge of the markets, Don is able to work with beginning, intermediate, and advanced students to help them understand the complexities of trading. He is a key asset to our resource line.





DonEric has always enjoyed helping clients accomplish their financial objectives. He brings with him 20 years of experience working in capital markets – including equities trading, portfolio administration, equity research, and risk management.

Prior to founding Snowcrest Capital, Eric worked for several large brokerage firms – Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley – where he assisted wealthy and institutional investors in crafting portfolios and managing market risk.

Mr. Chamberlain has a degree in Finance & Accounting from Utah State University and a Master’s degree in Business from Webster University of Vienna, Austria.



DonGarry has been a passionate active trader now for over 20 years and likes to focus on option strategies.

He has now been involved in training people about the market for over 18 years and really enjoys helping others understand trading strategies and teach them how to achieve their own goals in the markets.

He loves to teach people at any level, whether you are a beginner (we have all been there) to those who are veterans in the markets.





Joel Johnson started teaching people how to trade options in early 2008. His experience in trading and in the brokerage industry includes time spent with firms such as Morgan Stanley, TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, optionsXpress, and OptionsHouse.

Joel is passionate about helping people to perfect their own approach to the market. He has taught thousands of people to trade options in individual and group settings. His broad understanding of technical analysis and options theory allows him to help both advanced traders and beginners.

This combination of passion, knowledge, and experience has helped Joel guide many traders to solidify their approach to the market.



MichaelPatrick placed his first trade 50 years ago and has enjoyed trading through all of the market cycles since that time.

Throughout his trading career he has traded everything from stocks and options to futures and forex… but enjoys trading stocks the most. He is a specialist in the principle of using divergence for trading.

He has taught thousands of students over the years and is a trend trader. He speaks/reads 12 languages, not counting the “market language” and is a black belt.



MichaelRobert has been an active investor for 20 years. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Robert began his career as a bond trader for a major bank where he traded US Government securities in the Primary market. He then went on to be a licensed Investment Consultant where he enjoyed advising and managing clients’ investment portfolios.

In addition to trading, Robert also enjoys instructing others how to trade and was an investment coach and instructor at Investools for 11 years. He specializes in options strategies and is passionate about teaching others to be successful traders. He believes that managing risk is a priority, that consistency is key, and having the discipline to follow investment plans and rules is vital to becoming a successful investor.

When Robert is not trading and teaching, he can be found in the outdoors where he enjoys hiking, skiing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends.




Steve has been an active trader for over a decade. During this time he has continued to work in the education industry working with new investors. His focus lies with both stocks and options. Throughout his career he has developed extensive experience with automated trading systems.

He loves teaching new students and helping them gain mastery of the financial markets.

Prior to his role in the financial education industry, Steve trained clients for a major software company. His experiences working on the front lines became excellent preparation for introducing others to the world of online trading. Steve holds a BA in English and has developed curriculum for students learning to trade using automated processes.

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