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Why Interactive Trader?

Most individuals lack the critical knowledge needed to manage their own stock portfolio.

Hence, many people turn to popular brokerage firms to have their money managed for them. However, no matter whom your broker is they will never care as much as you do about your portfolios performance. Our mission is to teach individuals how to personally invest their money in the stock market. We help our customers make the switch from being a passive investor to being a more hands on trader. We provide all the necessary education, research, strategies, and trading tools to help you become a successful investor.

Trade What You Want to Trade

At Interactive Trader we want you to trade the products and style you are most interested in.

Come learn about the different investment products and strategies available today and decide where your passions lie.  We cover everything from stocks, options, futures, commodities, foreign currency, and more.

Trading Tools

Powerful, Yet Simple to Use Trading Tools

Our sophisticated set of tools has been developed to help you find the best available trading opportunities in the stock market on a daily basis.

Use our tools to help you evaluate stock picks, analyze company fundamentals, forecast market moves using technical analysis, locate valuable option trades including covered call opportunities.

Not only do our tools help you find these opportunities but they can also help you execute effective trading strategies at the right time to profit from market dynamics.

  • Stock Market Ranking and Scoring System
  • Market Sector/Industry Explore Heat Map
  • Bullish, Bearish, and Stagnant Stock Research Scans
  • Fundamental Evaluation Tools
  • Technical Buy/Sell Signals
  • Valuation/Projected Price Calculator
  • Insiders/Institutions Money Flow
  • Option Strategy Scans
classroom education


Start taking control of your financial future by investing in trading education that can make a difference.

Through our trading education you can learn how to most effectively utilize our powerful tools to find and execute live trades.  We offer live seminars, live or virtual advanced classes, live and recorded webinars, on-demand modules, home study courses, 1-on-1 mentoring, and more to help you begin at any trading level and learn at your own pace.

Our education courses include:

  • Jump Start or Trade Master’s Lab
  • Fundamental Analysis Class
  • Technical Analysis Class
  • Options Class
  • Advanced Options Class
  • Future/Forex Class
  • Trade Management & Repair Class
  • And much more….
trading mentor

1-on-1 Training

We love trading just as much as you do.

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you.  All of our student’s can elect to work with an experienced trainer.  Working with our trainers can dramatically shorten the stock market learning curve.

Our Customers’ Why

See why our customers trust in Interactive Trader.

EDUCATION & TRAINING: We provide non-traditional education and training. We do not sell a business opportunity, franchise business, or business in a box. As with any educational endeavor, a customer’s ability to achieve a particular objective is dependent on a variety of factors, including a customer’s prior experience, educational background, time, effort, commitment, and their ability to learn and apply the concepts taught. Because many of the factors above are beyond our control, we cannot guarantee specific results, including income. Customer's should evaluate their own situation, objectives, risk tolerance, and commitment prior to purchasing advanced education. We will never promise that you will make any money or that your desired results will be easy to achieve.

We offer no financial, retirement, tax, accounting, or legal advice. We are not a licensed dealer-broker, nor is our staff registered financial consultants. Prior to undertaking any investment transaction, you should consult your financial, tax, accounting, or legal advisor to evaluate your objectives, risks, consequences, and suitability of that transaction. We do not profit or earn commissions from any real estate or stock market transaction.

Acquiring additional lines of credit involve risk. Prior to acquiring additional lines of credit, the borrower should carefully consider whether a particular line of credit is appropriate for them, based upon their objectives, financial resources, and other relevant circumstances. Further, the borrower should closely evaluate the terms of the line of credit applying for (e.g., fees, interest rates, terms, obligations, etc.) The borrower of a line of credit should consult their own accounting and financial advisors prior to acquiring such lines of credit.

SURVEYS: We survey our customers after each interaction. As with all surveys, it is difficult to track and ascertain those who implement and complete the training provided. Survey results displayed were compiled over a 12-month period, and have been audited by a third-party. Some customers attend the training for education purposes only, but were included in satisfaction survey results. Some customers attend the training and do not apply the concepts taught, and therefore, do not make money.

ENDORSEMENTS: Any written or video endorsements featured in our marketing, training, and fulfillment are from our customers, many of whom purchased additional education. Nobody was paid for their opinion and each result and experience cannot be represented as typical. Your experience will vary.